GENERAL ADVICE (not qualified)

  • Listen to how your own body responds to food.
  • Don’t follow extreme diets.
  • The best allergy/intolerance test is cutting out one food for 1-2 weeks e.g. dairy or wheat, then re-introducing.
  • Replace drinks with mineral water as much as possible.
  • Innocent smoothies (in moderation, not too much).
  • Cook using natural products – avoid processed foods, chemicals, toxins, junk food/drinks, alcohol, sugar.
  • Use organic foods if possible.
  • Porridge is cheapest and one of the healthier breakfasts (unless gluten allergy/celiac).  Can also replace milk with water or soya/almond milk.
  • Cook large portions and freeze the left-overs for another day e.g. soup, casseroles, chillies, curries, salads (fridge and keep dressing/sauces separate as wet salad goes off) etc.
  • Reduce chopping with fresh or frozen supermarket stir fries, frozen casserole veg packs, frozen diced onions, butternut squash or veg that’s harder to cut.
  • Healthy snacks: nuts, oat cakes, rice cakes, humous, celery, carrots, boiled egg, oxo cubes in cup of hot water, soup, dal (lentils, tumeric, salt).
  • Health shop probiotic tablets are healthier and cheaper than probiotic drinks sold in shops e.g. no sugar.